Kandanga Farm Store (previously trading as Bos Rural Supplies) provides cost effective and innovative solutions that come from an organic /chemical free approach.  

Sometimes solutions however are as much about knowlege as about products.  With staff not only trained in many aspects of regenerative agriculture, but also practicing it; we can recommend first hand techniques and products that restore landscape function, improve the natural resource base, encouraging healthy nutrient cycling, increasing biodiversity and improving resilience.

Day to day we work closely with innovative manufacturers and inventors using our many years of experience in technology adoption in rural management to develop & implement practical, scalable solutions.

We understand scale and the need for cost effective solutions. We have clients from all demographics and we customise our service to them.

Why use our consulting service?

Tertiary qualified staff, fresh eyes, a holistic approach to project design and a practical baseline make us an ideal partner in develping your property. 

How do I achieve better paddock utilisation outcomes, more diversity in pastures and ultimately healthier stock or produce from my land? How do I increase organic matter in my soil, cycle more nutrients and get paid for the ecological benefits I contribute.  From water systems to exclusion fencing, revegetation to cover cropping, stock nutrition to yard design; the right advice before a project starts will save you more than any materials cost saving on a bad design.

Project Evaluation

If you have a specific project you need to price and evaluate we can help. Firstly have a planning discussion with us about your set-up and what it is you want to achieve.  A pre-counsult quesitonairre is supplied prior to beginning an evaluation. If feasible we can come to your property with you to discuss your project ideas. Otherwise we can cover many aspects remotely.  

Best Use of Resources

Whether you are setting up or rejigging what you already have, we can add value especially in the areas of non-chemical weed and parasite control, water and fencing infrastructure projects.  

Looking to buy a property

We can visit properties within the Mary Valley and wider Gympie Catchment areas and objectively evaluate whether the land and soil type, pastures & weeds, water, infrastructure and access are suitable for your desired land use.  Don't get a surprise you didn't count on.  You wouldn't buy a house without a "building and pest inspection" so don't take the risk in an area you are unfamiliar with.


Let us do all the leg-work for you, bringing in experts when needed, before presenting you with a customised report showing up to 3 options, the best of which are calculated on a cost/benefit criteria.


Your consultants

Growing up in Western QLD, Tim Scott has tertiary qualifications in Science and Rural Management and has a passion for regional business development. Tim has training in Holistic Management, Livestock Trading (KLR), Low Stress Stockhandling (LSS), as well as being a graduate of RCS's Grazing for Profit program.  As well as working on his own properties, Tim has worked internationally in livestock & equine industries and has been the driving force behind several fast growing agribusinesses over the past two decades. Tim is also registered as an advisor under the LRF and can help with eco-credit development strategies.


Nic Zaccardi is a small crops grower, commercial free range chicken producer and qualified dietician.  Nic's unique approach to small scale farming has developed his breadth of knowledge across multiple disciplines and he is best placed to discuss cropping and growing projects and issues. 


Our aim is to help you make the most of your resources to achieve a sustainable, efficient, enjoyable and profitable farm business. You can get on with running your business, knowing that we are working to find the best solution for you and your budget for your specific project. We want to help you conserve resourcesimprove soil quality and be economically profitable. We are commited to enhancing the livelihood of farmers and our communities as a whole.


How does it work?

Pre-consultation we will send you a questionnaire that is a pre-requisite to undertaking our service. We will ask you a lot of questions that will then ensure that our actual consultation time with you gets down to the important stuff rather than the getting to know you details. 


Consultation pricing will be uploaded shortly. In the meantime please CONTACT US via email or phone for more information and to book.